1-1 Therapeutic Yoga for Students

Nicole uses yoga as a therapeutic intervention to learn from the child who can show us what it is they need, and how we can help. Together, through a variety of practices and a supportive relationship, the child can reach their full potential.

For further details about the benefits of therapeutic yoga in schools, please see below.

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The benefits of 1-1 sessions will vary however, the main areas we tend to see develop for the students are as follows:

  1. An overcoming of their physical and emotional limitations through a supportive relationship
  2. Retraining the brain to create new pathways and connections through the power of neuroplasticity
  3. Empowerment through opportunities for the child to guide sessions, promoting their choices and self-belief
  4. An increase in a sense of safety by focusing on grounding practices that connect the child to their body and their environment

Through regularly reviewed goal-based plans, we can develop individualised programmes for your students which prioritise their overall health and wellbeing.

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