Employ Your Mind

5-Week Return to Work Programme

In collaboration with Cognitive Mind Coaching

Transitioning back into the workplace or to a more permanent role at home can be challenging in various ways. Therefore, our evidence-based psychological wellbeing programme was developed using techniques to facilitate this change, creating a rewarding and productive work/life balance.

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Together with Catalina Pearce, a CBT practitioner, and owner of Cognitive Mind Coaching, we have created a wellbeing programme that draws on the mind-body connection (e.g., mindfulness, breathing exercises and yoga theory) whilst being rooted in evidence-based psychological techniques. 

What is the Programme?

The programme includes a series of engaging, interactive webinars that cover the following pillars of wellbeing:

WEEK 1: Overcoming Anxiety with Mind-Body Strategies

WEEK 2: Managing Stress and Prioritising Wellness

WEEK 3: The Link between Productivity, Sleep and Nutrition.

WEEK 4: Empowering Change through Conscious Language

WEEK 5: Follow up and Q&A

Why is this programme different?

In our experience, it is the combination of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), positive psychology, and mindfulness practice that creates transformational change in our clients. 

Therefore, this programme:

  • Takes a holistic approach
  • Rooted in evidence-based psychological techniques
  • Delivered by experienced mental health coaches

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