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‘Everything we need is within us’

Yoga Alliance Certified Children & Teen Yoga Teacher Trainings,
 Coaching, Counselling & Yoga Classes
Yoga Teacher Training
Coaching, Counselling
and Yoga Classes

I’m Nicole Asghar founder of Our Luminous Minds

I’m passionate about helping people discover the power of their minds through an innovative and holistic combination of psychology, yoga and counselling.

The main focus of Our Luminous Minds is to provide yoga trainings, workplace wellbeing courses, and day retreats.

We also offer wellbeing coaching for all ages, counselling for neurodivergent adolescents, plus yoga and meditation classes.



We recently had a fantastic private therapy session with Nicole for my two autistic children. She was patient as they struggle to interpret language efficiently. She was very encouraging, especially as my six year old daughter decided to invent her own yoga moves. Nicole was complimentary of everything they did; she made it fun and kept them on task longer than I expected. She was totally unfazed by what they did, even if it was completely off task and she was skilled enough to bring them back to her agenda. Nicole was completely relaxed at working alongside them and made them feel confident and able. We all really enjoyed the session and can’t wait for the next one!! – Kirsty

Health and Wellbeing

Wow, thank you for that awesome session Nicole you really are so wonderful at what you do and how you teach is inspiring. I feel stronger calmer and utterly sublime in total relaxation my body feels elongated and younger lol. Thank you is never enough.  Donna

Therapeutic Yoga for Neurodiversity

Nicole is simply wonderful! She has such a natural way with children that puts them at ease. She loves their company and they clearly love hers! Both of my sons have SEN and Nicole has been fantastic with them. She has an excellent understanding of SEN and how yoga can help and support my children’s differing needs. My children are calm and happy after their session with her and always look forward to seeing her. I rarely see my youngest son as at peace with himself as I do after a session with Nicole. My eldest is making great progress with his ability to be still and relax. Not only is Nicole very knowledgeable and excellent at what she does, but she is also incredibly kind and supportive. I feel so grateful that we found her. – Helen

Meditation and Yoga Nidra

I did the adult meditation and Yoga Nidra with Nicole last night. I had no idea what to expect but it was a wonderful hour of calming and relaxing time. I came home almost floating and had a cup of tea not even needing my Friday night wine to unwind 🙂 can’t wait to go again.  – Anna Carder

Parent-Carer Relaxation

I’ve just done a session of relaxation and wellbeing with Nicole, and finding her voice so calming, I wish I could bottle that alone. I’m feeling so much more relaxed than I was earlier this evening, and she has reminded me how important I am, and the things I wouldn’t be able to do if I don’t look after myself. Thank you Nicole – Tracey B

These ‘Parent-Carer Relaxation’ Sessions are offered in conjunction with Autism Friendly Fleet

Private Family Yoga

We were introduced to family yoga sessions with Nicole 3 years ago when my children were just 4 and 6. While our original purpose was to help my autistic son and my daughter with some focus/concentration issues at school, it quickly became apparent how much more Nicole had to offer. Nicole is passionate about helping people through any difficulties or challenges, her vast knowledge in this area and ever-positive nature never ceases to amaze me, she has taught me so much about supporting children with special needs and our sessions above all have been varied and so much fun.

I really cannot recommend her enough. She emits a sense of calm and positivity and although the sessions were intended for the kids, I too feel relaxed and refreshed after every session! – Justine R

1-1 Yoga

Nicole has had a few sessions with my two daughters and they have loved it. The sessions were in the evening and the kids went straight to sleep and had a really deep sleep so they were fully rested the next morning. The girls love the sessions with Nicole and really look forward to them.
Highly recommend Nicole. – Alma